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  • A new 'house divided' threatens U.S. future

    The worst possible outcome of this election isnít who will or will not occupy the White House. Itís that our own house remains...

  • More on Civilitas

    The Masthead winter 2012 has more background and discussion of the renamed project, Civilitas AOJ, which aims to encourage...

  • Civilitas: The former Civility Project

    A new year brings a new name and a broadened focus for the thing that has thus far been known as ďthe civility project.Ē The new name...

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  • AOJ websites in transition

    This site has served well since 2009. The new, leaner, AOJ needed a new, leaner, cleaner-looking, readily managed site without an encumbrance of...

  • A voice of reason in chaos

    As the nation, and much of the world, watched developments in Ferguson, Missouri, one of the nearby voices for calm, reason, recognizing painful...

  • Speakin' Southern, y'all

    The AOJ gathering in Mobile, Ala., Sept. 21-23 for the 2014 symposium offers enjoyable bits of Southern culture and lots of sharing of journalism...

  • Give something to the Foundation

    By Bonnie Williams Journalism has changed much in the last few years. The National Conference of Editorial Writers changed its name to the...

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  • A call for yes vote on merger

    From David Haynes
 Secretary of the AOJ Foundation As candidates for public office always like to say, I’d like your vote. But...

  • AOJ websites work in tandem

    AOJ is extending its online presence. This site ( continues, with an abundance of material dating to 2009 or even...

  • Credible columns on race with 21st century tools

    By Richard Prince These topics were bubbling up early this year when the National Society of Newspaper Columnists was planning its June convention,...

  • AOJ members laud John Seigenthaler

    John Seigenthaler, legendary journalist, chairman emeritus of The Tennesseean, first opinion editor of USA Today and a conscience of the Gannett...


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