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  • A new 'house divided' threatens U.S. future

    The worst possible outcome of this election isnít who will or will not occupy the White House. Itís that our own house remains...

  • More on Civilitas

    The Masthead winter 2012 has more background and discussion of the renamed project, Civilitas AOJ, which aims to encourage...

  • Civilitas: The former Civility Project

    A new year brings a new name and a broadened focus for the thing that has thus far been known as ďthe civility project.Ē The new name...

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  • Poverty breeds security threats

    Article and child photo adapted with permission from an editorial (c) 2014 St. Louis Post-Dispatch and, all other rights reserved. The...

  • Climate-change briefing was timely

    Ho-hum. Climate change is bad and getting worse This article is adapted with permission from an editorial (c) 2014 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, all...

  • AOJ member wins Pulitzer for commentary

    Stephen Henderson, editorial page editor of the Detroit Free Press and long-time NCEW-AOJ member, has won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for...

  • Strategic rebalancing to continue

    (Participants in State Department conference room; photos by Chuck Stokes; this image is a composite) By David D. Haynes President Barack Obama...

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