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2011 Opinion Journalism Contest Winners


Lois Kazakoff
Deputy Editorial Page Editor
San Francisco Chronicle


What the judges had to say: "What do you want an opinion journalist to do? Write clearly and compellingly? Produce engaging pages and sections? Direct projects that connect readers with each other and with the newspaper? Lois Kazakoff does all of those things skillfully and with verve."



Bob Davis
Anniston Star

What the judges had to say: “Bob Davis flat-out -- compellingly, entertainingly and convincingly. His focus on issues that matter to all Alabamians (even if they don't know it yet) is clear, determined and precise. He even breathes a diverting life into the issue of Alabama's execrable 1901 constitution, the gift that keeps on giving to Alabama editorial writers and the problem that refuses to go away. Davis gives a reader faith that someday it will, overwhelmed by logic and justice. He uses all the tools of a great opinion writer to illuminate issues in a way that is both good-humored and insistent. He is a wonderful first winner of NCEW's Opinion Journalist of the Year award.”






The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, TX

What the judges had to say: "Whether it’s in its thorough coverage of complicated, many-sided issues or in its use of typography and illustration, the editorial and op-ed pages of the Dallas Morning News are outstanding. ... The attractive presentation of political endorsements could -- and probably should -- be emulated by any newspaper."

The Daily Times
Salisbury, MD

What the judges had to say: "These pages offer commentary that is timely and well edited, grounded in local concerns and connected to the relevant issues of the state, nation and world. The pages are also designed with a flair that should be the envy of much larger newspapers."



The Association of Opinion Journalists is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the craft of opinion journalism through education, professional development, exploration of issues of public importance and vigorous advocacy within journalism. AOJ is committed to promoting a healthier civic culture by raising the standards for public debate. It was founded in 1947 as the National Conference of Editorial Writers.

The opinion writing honors were designed for the staff of a newspaper-based, broadcast, multi-media or web-only production. No prize was awarded in the in online category this year.