Features of a Good Web Design

Every business now has a website. Even the traditional brick and motor businesses are expanding their business for online sales. When it comes to online sales, the first step is to create a website. You need to have that place where people will interact with you and see your services.

Creating a website is an excellent place to start for every online business. However, you need to make sure that you get the services of good web design company to do it for you. Here are some of the features that make a good web design:


web designSimplicity goes a long way in web design. It is okay to show your creativity when creating a website, but this is not enough. Always thrive on making the website as simple as possible. It is okay to be tempted to add many things in your website, but this does not work.

Avoid clutter in your website and come up with a simple layout. People are encouraged to read from a simple website because they can see everything that is happening.

Colors and Branding

Colors and branding can never be ignored when it comes to web design. When people visit your website, the first thing that they see is the colors. The colors of your website need to show who you are as a brand.

Using the colors in your logo is an excellent place to start when making a choice. However, the trick is to make sure that you do not go overboard. Stick to two colors and use different shapes of the two colors in different parts of the website.


Research has shown that people like a user-friendly website. Creating a user-friendly website involves making sure that the customers spend the least amount of time trying to find something. If your customers spend more than 30 seconds trying to find something, they are likely to go and find it elsewhere.

Make the layout easy to understand for everyone. Since it is all about saving time, make it easy for your web visitors to find whatever they are looking for in the shortest time possible.


Make It Interactive

A website is not just a place where clients see your services. It is essential for the website that you create to be interactive.

Creating an interactive website means that your readers should also give their insights. It should not feel like your readers do not have a say on your site. It should also anticipate the needs of your readers.…

Main Aspects of Non Profit Website Designs

There is a special mission of nonprofit websites. Charity websites thus require special design efforts for communicating the message clearly and successfully. You need to know how to create a beautiful and functional design for websites for nonprofits. There are a lot of photos and designs that can help to convey your story. Tantalizing facts need to be conveyed by an effective nonprofit website design that will tease readers into making them learn more about the organization.

The following are the critical aspects of such types of website designs.

Website Planning

Before you can plan your website, it is essential to be clear about the objective and purpose. The answers to questions like when, where, who and what needs to be provided in the form of phrases, pictures or drop down boxes. You then need to set up different web pages in a manner that they will answer the questions of the visitors in an easy mode. This will make the visitors to explore the page and dig deeper.

monitor with pictures


You can choose to seek out companies that work exclusively with the charity organizations to design professional looking websites. There are more choice that comes in the form of personalized services and relevant ideas which can be available if you work with businesses which have expertise while dealing with specific themes depending on your needs. Precise facts and figures are given by the experts who follow the market and give you an accurate estimation of the number of visitors, amount of donations and the steps to take to make the website stand out.

Keep the Visitors in Mind

When people visit your nonprofit website for the first time, they will not only be attracted to the subject matter. You need to use bold headlines to highlight the content and great visuals. Other design elements will play the support role. Those that do not serve any specific purpose needs to be limited or removed. This provides a snapshot to the visitors of what lies in your websites, what the organization’s, targets, mission achievements, and visions are. A visitor will expect to see how the donation will be utilized, pictures and videos of recent fundraisers that can be conveyed effectively via an attractive nonprofit website design. Updated and fresh content should be added to the website always. Otherwise, the public will think that the site has become inactive.

The efforts of volunteers will profoundly influence a nonprofit organization. Visitors need to feel connected to the cause emotionally. A design that is created meticulously will make people willing and involved in volunteer and donation which increases awareness. An attractive profit website design thus needs to consider these aspects.…