FAQs About Google Ads

Online marketing is here to stay, and Google Ads are a key tenet of most online marketing campaigns. Some marketers, however, tend to be somehow skeptical about the effectiveness of Google AdWords as a marketing tool. This could be attributed to the lack of knowledge about how Google Ads work or some negative influence from peers. This article seeks to broaden your understanding of Google Ads by offering informative answers to some common concerns about Adwords. online marketer

What Costs Are Involved to Run a Google Ads Campaign?

Most business owners believe that online advertising, not just Google Ads, is expensive. Well, as much as there is a price to pay, this is not always the case. Google Ads are classified as a pay-per-click campaign. This implies that you are only billed when a potential customer clicks on your ad which takes them to your site. The costs involved are roughly close to one dollar depending on the nature of the business.

How Much Should I Spend on Google Ads?

How much you spend is a matter of personal preferences. If you have a big business or your sales volume are large, you might spend as much as you want. For starters, a daily budget of $10 can be ideal. You need to start small as you learn a thing or two about managing Google Ads.

How Will My Ads Be Displayed?

Black Friday adMost marketers are overly concerned about where their ads show up. Google Ads can be displayed in different ways. This depends on the aspects you have incorporated on your page and how much you pay. Text ads, for instance, can be displayed in search engine results. On the other hand, display ads are displayed on Google’s trusted websites. You might have come across an ad showing up in almost every site you visit; this is how display ads work.

Should I Outsource Google Ads Campaigns to a Certified Partner?

The effectiveness of any online marketing campaign depends on how you do it. As such, instead of putting you Google Ads campaign out on autopilot, working with a certified partner can be quite rewarding. A certification is a form of assurance that you are working with someone conversant with the best practices. You also get a chance to concentrate on your core function knowing that your marketing campaigns are getting the attention they deserve.…